What's going on at little green candle HQ?

Did you know that there's lots going on behind the scenes at little green candle company right now? We are currently busy trying out new fragrances and waxes and testing new products as part of work to refresh our collections ahead of an exciting relaunch later in 2022.

Time for a change We are now in our third year as a business and the time feels right for us to update and refine our ranges. As an experienced candle maker with knowledge, techniques and the very best suppliers sourced for each ingredient, I see this new range as the culmination of all that experience and the things I've learned since embarking on this journey 4 years ago. As a business we also realised after an exceptionally busy few months in the run up to Christmas that we couldn't sustain the status quo as it was starting to have an impact on work-life balance and family life. At the end of the day, although I'd love to, doing this full time isn't an option right now and the business has to fit alongside my day job and young family. Put simply, we have ended up with too many products, making it difficult to keep on top of supplies and restocks. So although it's probably one of the biggest challenges for me because I'm so enthusiastic about all our products, we are developing a new streamlined collection, carefully whittling down options to a select few products which are the best of the best and which offer something unique to the collection. This will include some seasonal limited editions which will offer extra choice in a more manageable way.

Taking shape Some of our existing favourites will feature in the new collection but there will also be some brand new fragrances, and as things takes shape we're getting so excited as we are blown away with the quality of some of the scents we are testing.

Last chance to buy As part of this work some of our existing products will be discontinued over the next few months but we are giving our customers as much notice as possible so that you can stock up on your favourites. You'll notice affected products are flagged with a 'Last chance to Buy' label on our website.

A quick note about reed diffusers

In particular you'll notice a few of our reed diffusers are being discontinued, including some firm customer favourites. This is because there have been some changes to the classification structure issued by the IFRA (the body who produce guidelines on all scented products). They have re-categorised all products and unfortunately reed diffusers have been caught up in this as they now fall in a different category which has lower fragrance limits. The precise limits vary for each individual product so while one diffuser mixture may be unaffected another might no longer be viable as the amount of permitted fragrance is too low for it to work properly. This is a significant change impacting the entire sector - large companies and small makers alike, and all types of reed diffuser, whether essential oil based or fragrance oil based.

The guidance becomes enforced on 10th May and all reputable companies will be complying with this. In our case thankfully only a few of our reed diffusers are affected and these will be discontinued over the next couple of months, and again we have flagged these on the website so customers can stock up on their favourites while they can. Rest assured that part of our work on our new collection involves selecting reed diffuser friendly oils as per the new classification structure, and we have already got a couple of truly amazing reed diffusers lined up for release later this year. In the meantime, while all this work takes place behind the scenes, it is business as usual and whether you are looking for a little treat for yourself or a gift for someone special we have lots of lovely products to choose from, as always beautifully packaged in our classic, simple way with no unnecessaries - simple but beautiful products, exceptional quality, minimal waste.

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