Hello, I'm Emma and I run the little green candle company from my home in the north east coastal town of Whitley Bay. I founded the little green candle company in 2019 after several years making candles as a hobby. My early days of candle making focussed on creating blends of essential oils which worked well in candles - as I went on to discover not an easy task! From this grew not only a deeper understanding of the art of blending fragrance for candles, but also a love of essential oils, something that is still with me today and which led to the creation of my Essential Collection aromatherapy range. But as a lover of fragrance I knew that I couldn't limit myself to only essential oils, so set about also learning how to make candles and reed diffusers with exceptional quality fragrance oils. For me, fragrance oils and essential oils are a very different thing and each have a place in my life and my business.  

Over time I became passionate about developing a luxury but affordable home fragrance range which could be enjoyed without causing unnecessary harm to our planet, and before long the little green candle company was born. More recently my love of being creative, combined with a passion for discovering new eco friendly materials, has led to the development of a Jesmonite home accessories range. 


As I progressed on my candle making journey I realised there is much misinformation in the candle world about the environmental drawbacks of paraffin wax and the alleged virtues of vegetable based waxes like soy, rapeseed and coconut.  While these claims have been disproven repeatedly this misinformation endures, with many candles being labelled 'eco-friendly' due to little more than their use of vegetable wax. I resolved to avoid these unfounded marketing claims and instead focus on providing clear and honest information to help customers make an informed choice, alongside products which genuinely offer a more eco-friendly alternative within the luxury home fragrance market.



Every decision we make has its roots in its environmental impact, from selecting ingredients and packaging to offering free delivery for larger orders to try to encourage less frequent postage. We often make our local doorstep deliveries on foot or if not we use our zero emissions car.

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A key part of our philosophy is reducing waste - we do this wherever we can, and we promote reuse of materials.  From cutting out pointless presentation packaging, to selecting not just recyclable but also reusable containers and offering refills for some of our products. We also take back any unwanted packaging to reuse and have a buy back scheme for our branded hessian bags. See our Refill and Reuse page for more information.



Our ingredients are always vegan and cruelty free, and are UK made and sustainable wherever possible. We avoid the use of unnecessary additives, such as dyes.  

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We believe first and foremost in the quality of our products and in choosing the best wax for this, and although an important consideration is the environmental impact of any ingredient, we know that as a luxury product there is no such thing as a truly eco-friendly candle, or perfect a wax: from an environmental perspective they all have their good points and their bad points. So the wax that we use varies from product to product to suit each fragrance. We are always open to experimenting with new and innovative waxes and are always on the look out for new and genuinely more eco friendly alternatives. 


We always use waxes with a high vegetable wax content as this helps with water solubility which is important for a company that is all about reuse. Anyone who has cleaned out one of our candle vessels will know how easily they wash out!  Currently our most commonly used wax combines rapeseed, which is abundant in the UK, with paraffin wax for an exceptional scent throw. But we also use soy wax and find this particularly suited to our essential oils ranges.