Fragrance Strength Guides

Some of us are blessed with an accute sense of smell (perhaps a mixed blessing at times!), some of us less so. 


Some of us like our home fragrance subtle and in the background, others like it strong and 'in your face'.


Basically, as with most things in life, our favourite smells are totally subjective, as is our perception of 'too weak' or 'too strong'. Not to mention factors like placement in the home, which can dramatically affect the 'throw' of a candle or diffuser.


To try and help you choose the right fragrance for you and your home, and so that people have a better idea of what to expect with their chosen fragrance, we've introduced a Fragrance Strength Guide Rating for each fragrance, out of 3, where:

  • 1 = subtle or delicate

  • 2 = moderate

  • 3 = strong


You'll now find this within each of our candle and diffuser product descriptions.