With a name like the little green candle company, not everyone realises we do reed diffusers. Handmade with exceptional fragrances, our reed diffusers will give you 2-3 months - or longer - of beautiful background fragrance and for only £15 each they are a really cost effective way to scent your home. Plus we offer even better value aluminium refill bottles, perfect for refilling our own bottles or reusing a favourite bottle of your own with minimal waste.

Reed diffusers are never going to give quite as strong a 'hit' of fragrance as a candle or melt but they are great for a continuous background scent, are particularly suited to smaller rooms like bathrooms and hallways and can create a lovely first impression for visitors if placed near your entrance hall.

They are also wonderful at masking any unwanted background odours, and as the owner of a cat and dog this one's really important to me! Citrussy scents can be particularly good for pet smells and if this is a concern for you, you can't beat our Lemon and Ginger diffuser for a fresh uplifting fragrance.

There are several factors that affect the success of a reed diffuser, probably the most important being the quality of the fragrance itself. We only use the most exceptional fragrances and each one is thoroughly tested to ensure its suitability for reed diffusers. But did you know the reeds themselves are also a key factor? Cheaper rattan reeds will clog very quickly and stop working as effectively over time. That's why so often with some cheaper diffusers you can get a lovely hit of fragrance for the first few days but then almost nothing after that. We use fibre reeds which are much less likely to clog so your diffuser can keep giving out scent week after week. Although fibre reeds are a more expensive option this really is a case of getting what you pay for here, with good quality fibre reeds working out much more cost effective in the long run.

Another thing not everyone realises is that the placement position of your reed diffuser has a huge impact on 'scent throw' from your diffuser and it's all to do with the air circulation around that particular spot. So if you aren't getting much of a 'hit' after several days of use, try a different location as there just might not be enough air circulation in that particular area. Room temperatures and even the seasons can all affect the strength of scent you get in any given spot.

Did you know that some fragrance oils are thicker than others so can take longer to travel up the reeds when you first use your diffuser? You will find that with some oils it can take up to a week to really start getting the full scent from your diffuser.

A trick that lots of people are already aware of is inverting the reeds every so often. Because we use fibre reeds you shouldn't need to do this for the first few weeks, but once the scent starts to diminish, flipping the reeds will help refresh the fragrance and can be repeated every week or two until the end of your diffuser. But do take care when handling reeds as some of the ingredients can cause skin reactions.

Another useful tip not everyone knows is that you can 'fine tune' the strength of your diffuser with the number of reeds you use. But the more reeds used the faster your diffuser will run out so we recommend using the fewest number necessary to get a satisfactory strength of scent. While we supply 7 reeds with our diffusers I rarely need to use more than 5 in my home. You can always keep the spare reeds and add them later on in the life of the diffuser should the existing reeds begin to clog - you'll find you get a whole new lease of life from it!

Finally, it's always worth repeating that reed diffuser contents can be hazardous - care should be taken when handling and they should be kept away from pets and small children at all times. Any spills should be cleaned up straight away as surfaces can be easily damaged and delicate furniture, etc. should be protected.

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