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Updated: Sep 16, 2021

In this blog I explain a bit about essential oils, which are used in our Essential Collection range of candles and melts, and which are something I personally love almost as much as candles!

Essential oils are powerful natural compounds extracted from plants by distillation. They are used in aromatherapy to promote physical and mental well-being. Basically because they are super concentrated, any properties of the plant they are derived from are magnified thousands of times over. Of course while they may be natural they are also powerful chemicals. It is important to know something about them before you start using them, including how to use them safely and which ones can be more risky. I personally stay well away from any of the more risky oils and only use the safest ones in our candles and melts.

I discovered essential oils when I first started candle making. Although I didn't realise it at first, I was making life very difficult for myself as essential oil candles are difficult to get to work. Many oils simply don't work in a candle due to their volatile nature - basically they burn off at too low a temperature which means once the candle is lit, you either get no fragrance, or worse, a fuel like smell. But when you get the right blend of oils, they are, I think, amazing.

Most candles don't contain essential oils, they use synthetic fragrances. For example, a synthetic lavender fragrance oil is made to smell exactly like lavender, but it doesn't contain any of those aromatic compounds known to have sleep inducing properties when inhaled, unlike lavender essential oil. Confusingly a lot of candles on the market nowadays say they contain essential oils, but often are accompanied by fragrance names like Honey and Tobacco or Prosecco, suggesting these products either contain minimal amounts of essential oils alongside synthetic fragrance oils, or that the manufacturers don't know what essential oils are (or worse they are deliberately misrepresenting their products).

I personally love both essential oil candles and fragrance oil candles, and make both. But I will always be really clear and honest about the contents of our products. Our Essential Collection contain no synthetic chemicals, only pure essential oils - and when you burn them, you will know the difference.

For me essential oils really do have a positive impact on the mental state. Lavender really does help me to unwind before bed, while May Chang never fails to perk me up. I love using essential oils not only in candles but also my own homemade skin care products, as some oils, when diluted in a suitable carrier, are also fabulous for the skin.

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