Our all natural, essential oil collection

Made with natural ingredients, our Essential Collection range is scented only with therapeutic grade essential oils, and contain no synthetic fragrances.   


These candles offer a completely different scented candle experience. Being a natural product, they do offer a less intense fragrance than some scented candles - but they are less about filling your room with scent and more about the whole experience, with oils that are carefully selected for their aromatherapeutic benefits as well as their beautiful fragrance. We recommend you have these close by you when they are lit, and enjoy in short bursts of 2-3 hours when you want to relax or are in need of a boost. 

So pop them on your coffee table (out of reach of kids and pets of course), sit back and enjoy the warm amber glow and mood enhancing experience.  If you are anything like us you will soon be hooked on these little beauties.


Also available: essential oil wax melts, for use in a melt warmer. 

Made with 100% natural fragrances.  

Vegan, Cruelty Free and Palm Oil free.